How to Become a Residential Security Consultant

How to Become a Residential Security Consultant

Becoming a residential security consultant should come hand in hand with becoming a close protection operative (CPO). In the UK, this will mean gaining and maintaining an SIA Licence at a minimum. Usually, clients and principals will request close protection operatives to protect their properties because of their previous backgrounds and training within the military and police.

Close protection operatives should be the professionals chosen to protect people, places, and assets. Although it is common for security guards to perform these duties, it is not best practice due to minimal training.

Many misguided close protection operatives feel that working as a residential security guard in a residential security team (RST) is below them. These CPOs feel that industry newcomers should fulfil this role. They believe that ‘newbies’ should gain their experience in residential security teams and work their way up.

We believe that this attitude is incorrect. It is best to have a mix of experienced CPOs and new fresh and keen operatives on a team. The combined experience and knowledge are broader. Would you want a lone newbie with zero experience protecting your property, your assets, and family members?

A residential security officer should be of management level with many proven years within the close protection and residential security industry. Consultants should be able to survey properties and produce precise reports regarding the security services and systems required to protect private homes and residences.

Residential security consultants should be experts in suggesting and implementing residential security teams along with electronic security systems such as alarms and CCTV and physical security measures such as gates, barriers, doors, grilles and locks.

Residential Security Consultancy

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