Security Chauffeurs

Security Chauffeurs

What is a “Security Chauffeur”? – a Close Protection Driver

If someone requires a discreet security presence in London, the UK or Europe, they will often choose a security chauffeur to keep them safe. A private security chauffeur is different from a standard chauffeur. They have advanced driving and close protection skills that allow them to keep principals safe. Whilst mobile, there are many risks, traffic is unpredictable, and the actions of other drivers are impossible to control. It is advisable, therefore, to use only the most highly-skilled security drivers. The embus and debus, entering and exiting the vehicle being the most likely time of an attack or incident happening. 

Well-trained driver bodyguards are on the lookout for risk indicators at all times. They can detect and avoid any hostile action on the roads. They can foresee situations and pre-empt incidents that may put their principals at risk. Our security chauffeurs have the skill and experience to ensure the safety of passengers even when arriving or departing from a venue.

What you need to know about our Security Chauffeur Services

All our close protection chauffeurs have the highest standard advanced driver training. They are either police advanced drivers or former military specialist drivers. We select the best from Royalty and Specialist Protection (RaSP – previously SO1 & SO14) or UK Special Forces Group. Exemplary driving skills are prerequisite. Their extensive UK Government standard training and clearance is second to none.

You can be confident that your Westminster Security bodyguard driver is one of the most skilled and experienced close protection operators in the world.

All of our security chauffeurs in the UK are SIA licensed. They have experience of driving high-powered luxurious vehicles, both left and right-hand drive. It is crucial for our principals to feel safe, so driving is smooth and sympathetic. Yet our drivers remain alert at all times, and utterly aware of their surroundings. They can react to any dangers or potential threats on the road in a split second. And with minimal impact on their passengers and other road users.

Staying safe in the City – London Security Chauffeurs

Like any major city, driving around London is an art form. You need to be very aware of the other road users around you. Taxis and buses are particularly tricky, regularly undercutting other drivers. Lorries, delivery vans, and courier drivers compete for road space with pedestrians, cyclists, and motorbikes. Intricate knowledge of London is vital. The roads are awash with ‘tunnel vision tourists’ and frantic shoppers. Any of these could step out into the road without a care in the world, causing drivers to brake suddenly to avoid accidents. You have to have your wits about you. All, of course, while driving as smoothly and carefully as you can to ensure the safety and comfort of your passenger(s).

Westminster Security provide the most qualified and experienced security chauffeurs in London. Their knowledge of the city and the surrounding areas means you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the view. Accustomed to working in demanding environments, our security drivers are incredibly skilled. Our drivers know all the ‘rat-runs’ and side roads which allows them to be flexible on routes and avoid incidents and congestion where necessary. We provide security drivers for visiting Heads of State, Royalty, high-net-worth and other high-profile, high-risk individuals. Our trained security chauffeurs offer first-class, secure transportation service in London. Security chauffeur services complete and complement other personal security measures.

More than just a Chauffeur – a Bodyguard and Driver

Security chauffeurs can operate on a one-to-one basis in a protective surveillance role. They may also be part of a larger close protection team. Although the requirements depend very much on your threat level, we generally recommend that principals have both a dedicated driver and a separate personal bodyguard.

And while we would always advise following best practice, it is comforting to know that all our security drivers have CP training and are SIA licensed. Similarly, all our close protection operatives have advanced defensive driving experience and qualifications.

We believe that the two skills should go hand in hand. For us, a bodyguard driver is the same as a driver bodyguard. Protecting you during business or leisure in London.

Securely Driven in Luxury

Our ‘Best of British’ fleet of luxury vehicles includes top British marques. These cars include marques such as Range Rover, Jaguar, Bentley and Rolls-Royce. We can source other vehicles on request. We will even drive your vehicle if preferred. Our security drivers are all advanced professional drivers. They take great pride in providing excellent customer service and satisfaction. Whether for business or pleasure, Westminster Security provides a top-quality experience. You can be sure of a smooth, safe and relaxing journey, arriving in style, and refreshed for the day ahead.

Security Chauffeur Services

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