Newsletter 2022

Newsletter 2022

Welcome to our Private Security Newsletter

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Welcome to our first-ever newsletter – don’t worry, we are not going to spam you every day, week, or month! With the pandemic hopefully coming to an end, we thought it was essential to let you know that we are still trading and are here to assist you and your business in any way we can.

New Website

We have invested a lot of time and money during the pandemic in developing the company and our new website.

New Office in Paris

Before the first lockdown, we established an office in Paris to continue operating in Europe post-Brexit. We are the only UK based security company licensed by the French Ministry of Interior to provide close protection related services in France and Monaco.

Security for Dogs

One of the most unwelcome societal changes during Covid has been an astronomical rise in dog thefts. As leaders in risk management, we mitigated the threat posed to our client’s four legged friends by launching the World’s first ‘dog-bodyguard’ service, aptly named ‘DoggyGuards®.

Accepting Bitcoin Payments

More recently, we became the first private security company in the World to accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency payments. You can read more about why we think digital currency is the future and its security benefits by clicking through to the article below.

Personal Security and Your Tax Burden

In our latest article, we looked into personal security as a tax-deductible expense. Security measures from CCTV to close protection can be offset against tax, learn more below.

Gold Standard Content

We created a whole host of ‘gold standard’ articles to help our clients and potential clients with their security through the lockdown. We aimed to answer and explain some of the most asked questions with detailed informational articles. We have highlighted some of the most popular below for you.

Close Protection Redefined

Oh, and we re-wrote the definition of ‘close protection’ and wrote a series of highly-regarded educational articles for security operatives to help keep their knowledge, fitness, and standards high during the lockdown. A top US university even picked up some of our content for their courses.

Contact Us for Assistance

As you can see, we have been keeping busy and are lucky enough to have come out the other side more ready than ever to provide our security and investigation services in a post-pandemic world. We hope you like our new website and find our articles helpful. If we can assist, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Social Media

Please give us a like or follow on social media to keep up to date with our progress. 2022 is the year we all bounce back even better than before!


Did You Know That Personal Security Is Tax-Deductible?

With the end of the personal tax year in April approaching fast, we want to make readers aware that most Personal Security is tax-deductible.

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Is Your Home CCTV Breaking the Law?

As people spent more time at home during the lockdown, many reassessed their home security. There was significant uptake of home CCTV installations. Unfortunately, many people’s CCTV puts them at risk of breaking the Law. Find out if you are one of them.

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Planning Security For Your Special Event? Now that lockdowns have ended, and freedom has returned, you may be planning to hold a long-awaited event. Here is a helpful guide to planning security for your special occasion.

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Westminster Security is now accepting Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency payments. After thorough research, we believe that we are the first private security company in the World to offer this.

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DoggyGuards® – Stopping Dog Theft and Dognapping. In a world-first, Westminster Security can provide you with the peace of mind that your dog is being safely exercised and returned with our DoggyGuard® service.