Event Security Planning

Event Security Planning

Every event, no matter how big or small will start with an initial plan. Someone somewhere will be putting together ideas on how any given event will look and proceed as per a client’s requests and expectations. Such as the event’s theme, the location, budget, expected number of attendees, etc.

Usually, after the basic specifics are finalised, security requirements are discussed, but this is not always the case; some smaller events or venues may attempt to hold events without security. Missing or inadequate event security often leading to issues with access control, Health & Safety or breach of licensing regulations. And of course, security incidents like theft, crowd control issues, and gate crashing. Ultimately, there is a risk of injuries or even fatalities.

Larger events will hold pre-event meetings with event security suppliers and Health & Safety representatives, ensuring that all security and Health & Safety aspects are covered. Security companies and Health & Safety companies often work very closely together as the event security guards are often ideally positioned within and around venues to maintain Health & Safety and licence regulations.

At this early stage, considerations should be made towards the security requirement for your planned event, all too often security is overlooked and left until the last minute.

Event Security Services

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