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DoggyGuards® - Stopping Dog Theft and Dognapping

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Many unfortunate things have grown out of the coronavirus pandemic, dognapping or dog theft has seen a sharp rise in cases due to the high demand for puppies during the lockdown, and the vast increase in prices as a result. With most retail stores closed and everybody spending more time at home, criminals have turned their attention to target our four-legged family friend for their illicit gains on the quiet streets and often remote outdoor dog walking areas. UK dog theft statistics have gone through the roof.

Man’s Best Friend

As a nation of dog lovers losing your best friend to theft or dognap would cause untold emotional distress and trauma to owners and families, sadly current sentencing does very little to deter thieves and does not take into account how devastating it can be to have your dog stolen from you.

There are several reasons dogs are stolen: for resale or ransom, puppy farms, illegal dog fighting, and even human consumption.

Stopping Dognapping

In a world-first, Westminster Security can provide you with the peace of mind that your dog is being safely exercised and returned with our DoggyGuard® service. Our SIA licensed, NASDU qualified professional dog handler will collect your dog or dogs and safely walk them for you, or they can shadow you walking your dogs to make sure that you are both safe from harm. Basically, we provide a bodyguard for your dog!

Canine Close Protection

It is often frowned upon in the close protection sector and dismissed as “not our job!”, but this is a service that we provide as standard for our longstanding and loyal close protection clients; for added service value and support. Due to the current increased threat of dognapping and physical attack to high-value dog owners, for the first time, we are now offering this as a standalone service.

How to Prevent Dog Thefts

Clearly, not everyone can afford a bodyguard for their dog and it is desperately sad that a service like this has to exist, but as the criminals evolve we too must adapt and mitigate the new threats posed to you and your pet.

There are some basic steps you can take without breaking the bank to protect your dog:

–         Do not leave your dog outside in your garden unattended

–         Do not leave them on show in your house when you are not in

–         Do not leave them outside a shop or in a car unattended

–         Walk them in well-populated areas preferably during daylight hours and not alone

–         Make sure your dog’s microchip details are up to date

–         Use a metal or, better still, a specialised anti-theft dog lead that cannot be easily cut*

–         Use an anti-theft dog collar with a GPS tracker or anti-theft dog harness with a security lock

–         Carry an attack alarm to scare off attackers and alert people nearby

–         Consider taking a walking stick or poles to keep would-be thieves away from you and your dog

–         Walking poles and K9 pepper spray are also useful to protect your dog from a dog attack.

anti theft dog lead and collar
* Other leads that operate as an anti theft dog lead and collar are available:

To enquire about our DoggyGuard® services for preventing dog thefts, please complete our online enquiry form. Please note that all fields are mandatory, a due diligence process is conducted before any quote is offered and a thorough security consultation before any service is provided.

DoggyGuard® Service

Westminster Security provides professional anti-dog theft services in London and throughout the UK.

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