Mobile Security Patrols

Mobile Security Patrols

Mobile Security Patrols in London

As featured in the London Evening Standard, due to popular demand, Westminster Security established a 24-hour mobile security patrol in London for our security-conscious customers. But not just any old patrol, as with everything we do, our service promises to be the best and most efficient, effective and professional residential security patrol in London.

Please Be Advised: Our mobile patrol service is currently operating at maximum capacity, therefore we are unable to accept any new clients at this time. However, we will be adding further vehicles to our fleet and can set up dedicated patrols for your street or area, please get in touch for further information or to register your interest.

Our mobile security patrol is available to private residential homes, streets, neighbourhoods and businesses based in Central London and the surrounding areas. All mobile security guards providing residential security services for Westminster Security are highly trained, fully vetted, insured, licensed and registered with the Security Industry Authority. The vast majority are recruited from the British Armed Forces and Police services, in line with our Armed Forces Corporate Covenant pledge to veterans and reservists.

Other related services available include:

  • Key Holding;
  • Alarm Response;
  • CCTV Installation & remote monitoring;
  • Opening up/Closing down;
  • Emergency Repairs;
  • Property Custodian;
  • Manned Guarding;
  • Security Dog Patrols.

Residential Security Patrol Services

Our security guard and mobile security patrol vehicle will attend your London home or premises at random or scheduled times throughout the day and night. A random patrol pattern deters opportunist criminals as the chance of them being caught increases. We will conduct an external and/or internal patrol, checking that doors and windows are secure and that no undesirables are present with no disturbance visible. A patrol report is then submitted to our control room and logged. In cases of emergency, a police presence will be requested and your designated point of contact will be informed. We will remain on-site and manage the whole situation, keeping you informed of developments.

Key Holding

Our home security patrol in London can be the custodians to a set of your keys, attending your business or property upon an alarm activation on your behalf; keeping you or your staff out of harm’s way. We can also conduct opening up and shutting down procedures at your business, mitigating any threat and risks posed to you or your staff.

Alarm Response

Westminster Security can respond to alarm activation’s at your property, remotely view CCTV informing the emergency services if required. We can attend your property within 20 minutes (traffic permitting) and conduct a full search of the property and grounds, reporting back to our control room who will submit a report via email to the point of contact, or call in an emergency. In cases of criminal damage or trespass, we will organise emergency repairs to secure the property. Contact us for more information on our key holding and alarm response services in London.

CCTV Installation & Remote Viewing

We can install the most advanced electronic countermeasures at your home or business, detection systems, cameras and surveillance equipment. We can remotely monitor your CCTV 24 hours a day from our control room, reacting to any suspicious activities with either our presence or the Police if required.

Emergency Repairs

Should there be any damage to your property or business, we will arrange locksmiths, boarding and glazing to secure your property. One of our mobile security patrol guards will remain on site until the repairs are complete and your property is 100% secure.

Manned Guarding

Should you feel the need for a 24-hour security guard presence at your home or business, during renovations or increased targeted threats against you or your business. Our mobile security patrols can be reinforced with a full-time residential security guard and security dog if required. Our security guards can also act as property custodians during your prolonged absence on business or holiday.

London Mansion
  • Protect your home or business from just £10 per day;
  • Unbeatable value & service from London’s premier security provider;
  • 24 hours a day, 365 days a year;
  • Environmentally friendly, 100% electric vehicle fitted with the latest CCTV and tracking device.

Private Security Patrols

Westminster Security provides residential security patrols in and around London.