Personal Protection in London

Personal Protection in London

More than what meets the eye!

For personal security, having a bodyguard, or close protection in London, is far more than just an accessory. Many of the reasons are more subtle than the obvious. Bodyguards are also more common than you might think, often double hatting as a PA, Chauffeur, Butler or Chef. They are a real asset to individuals, families and companies who want that extra discreet security presence and assurance of safety.

Chances are if you’re concerned about your Personal Protection in London, it’s highly likely you lead a fast-paced and challenging lifestyle and you don’t leave things to chance. Whether you’re a business executive, dignitary or in the public eye, your lifestyle almost certainly gives off an aura of wealth, glitz and glamour. Despite what you think and feel, there’s always someone worse off than you looking for an easy payday.

Unfortunately, this does make you a target and your security is at risk. Jealousy of wealth and status fuels criminals. If you’re a public figure ‘you’ become depersonalised to the criminal mind. The paparazzi may also be drawn to you, hungry for their next easy payday, happy to exploit you for a wage. To make matters worse, the internet now makes it more difficult to remain discreet. With a wealth of information about who you are, what you like/dislike, how much you’re worth and where you frequent. Whereas before, some degree of anonymity and ‘flying beneath the radar’ was possible, this is no longer the case.

And when we know that even the Metropolitan Police have modelled ‘money traps’ on wealthy people, perfecting their look to be just like yours, with the right clothes, watches and accessories, you’re a natural target without even trying.

Personal Protection in London

Close Protection is essential for personal security in London. It shouldn’t be implemented after an attempted robbery or assault, but be there to prevent any risk posed to you, your business interests and assets. Close Protection Services include things such as: surveillance awareness; operational planning; security driving; reconnaissance parties; investigations and intelligence gathering.

Close Protection Security Personnel can reduce your level of vulnerability enabling you to relax and allow your day to run smoothly without any hitches. Specialist Bodyguards and Close Protection personnel allow you to relax and feel secure in a way that other security measures don’t, because it’s personalised and bespoke to you. Close Protection teams get to know you, and they know London well, they use this knowledge to avoid placing you in danger so you can go about your daily life without hesitation and peace of mind for your own security.

Additionally, Close Protection provides so much more than personal security and peace of mind. The advantages of Close Protection are wide-reaching. Close Protection allows you a degree of discretion and privacy surrounding your business and private life that the unprotected individual doesn’t get. Even when there is no direct security requirement, you have someone on hand to assist, they are first-aid trained and advanced drivers. This makes them a valuable team member. They are exceptional ‘readers of people’ and as such can predict and comprehend people’s motives throughout your daily life and best advise you. This is especially the case once they know you. They go beyond this to the daily practicalities you have clamouring for your time: they can drive, or run errands, in essence, they are versatile to what you need and when you need it. As they get to know you better, they become a valuable personal resource offering far more than ‘just’ security.

Close Protection Services London

For those requiring lifestyle management and security, for those who are high net worth individuals, whether intentionally in the public eye or not, whether visiting London for business or pleasure, or you live here, Close Protection is an essential service that you simply cannot afford to be without.

For more information on our close protection and personal protection services in London, please contact us for some friendly no-obligation advice.