Close Protection Services in Paris and France

Close Protection Services in Paris and France

Close protection services in Paris are becoming ever more popular. Bodyguards are a common sight around the city as people worry more about their personal security and safety. Recent terrorist attacks have drawn attention to some of the dangers. Many visitors feel more vulnerable and afraid. As a result, they are seeking tighter security measures to keep themselves and their families safe. 

The ongoing terrorist threat in France means that Paris and other large cities have seen a surge in demand for close protection services. Bodyguards in Paris now operate regularly. Close protection has become the norm for many visitors on business or leisure.

France is home to some of the world’s most famous landmarks, fashion designers and luxury brands. It is no surprise then that Paris alone attracts millions of tourists every year from all over the world. France may be on its highest-ever security alert. That doesn’t stop visitors flocking to its capital city, Cannes, Nice, St. Tropez and the rest of the Côte d’Azur. These are ‘go-to’ destination for the most affluent and influential. They seek class, culture, and history for which these areas of France are renowned for. 

High profile visitors often need first-class security, especially at times of disruption and protest, both of which are almost daily occurrences in Paris. Security companies based in the capital receive many requests for close protection services daily. 

Make Sure your French Security Team is Legal

The law heavily regulates the French security industry. CNAPS (Conseil National des Activités Privées de Sécurité) is the French equivalent of the UK SIA model. Companies need authorisation from the Ministry of Interior and must use trained and licenced personnel. 

Of course, there are always charlatans out there. Some companies operate under the radar and with little respect for the rules and law. Many UK-based companies are claiming to entitlement under SIA 3-month rule. You should note that this is not a proper licence or authority. Also, this agreement is likely to be revoked after Brexit. Companies who use this loophole are likely to be operating illegally in a few months (if they aren’t breaking the law already).

Unlike many of our competitors, Westminster Security bodyguard services have been thorough. We have undergone rigorous localised scrutiny. We have earned proper authorisation and licensing which allows us to operate legally under French government guidance. We are the only London-based security company to hold CNAPS Authorisation for the ‘Protection physique des personnes’ (physical protection of people) in France. 

Why Would I Need Close Protection in France?

In theory, you are probably safer now in Paris than ever before. However, with protests, terrorism, and civil disruption, the authorities are at breaking point. Police and security services are extremely stretched. The situation with Covid-19 has only made things worse. Who knows how long the current ‘show-of-force’ by security services can last.

French Security Services in Paris

As a result, the police in Paris have taken their eye off the ball with general lower-level street crime. They don’t have the human resources to cope. Street crime in Paris is especially rife. Unsuspecting tourists are their primary target. Pickpocket gangs and distraction thieves are using complicated, well-practised routines. These will quickly relieve you of your money and possessions. Expensive smartphones are the most natural target, and gangs use scooters for a quick ‘grab and dash’ getaway.

We already have extensive experience and a proven team of multilingual French bodyguards. Westminster Security provides personal protection to our clients throughout France, including Reims, Paris, Lyon, Cannes, Saint Tropez and Monaco. Our clients extend from London based business executives to celebrities travelling for work or leisure. Also, there is an increasing demand for our services from overseas holidaymakers. Tourists are concerned about the ongoing terror threat and attacks. Both residents and travellers find themselves seeking a more robust personal security solution.

As a company, our established presence in Paris is crucial as a basis for our European operations. It allows us to serve our existing clients better and to build on our exclusive client-base. Our teams are already in-situ, ready to react and assist with all our client’s security concerns.

Common Scams

  • When using an ATM, a young child will distract you. They may pull on your skirt or trouser leg. An accomplice adult on your other side will withdraw the highest amount of cash possible. They will grab it and try to escape. Alternatively, the ‘parent’ of the child will grab it as the accomplice child distracts you.
  • A ‘lost’ tourist will ask you for directions on their map. While you are concentrating on the map, the tourist pickpockets you or steals your phone using the map as a cover. An accomplice may also target your bag or rucksack at the same time. While one thief distracts you, the other will pounce. If you are unlucky, both will be successful.
  • Someone approaches you asking for the time, a cigarette or a lighter. This distraction is a way for them to get close to you. It keeps hands and eyes busy while they mug you. Usually, gangs of 3 operate together to overwhelm their victims.
  • The accidental spillage. A distraction technique; the thief will ‘accidentally on purpose’ spill water or ice cream on you. They spend time apologising and rapidly wiping you down. In the meantime, their accomplice rifles through your pockets or bags.

Personal Security Tips

  • Be wary of anyone in shops, cafes, restaurants and bars carrying a coat over their arm, this is used to conceal their hands so they can dip into people’s pockets, bags and steal jackets off the back of chairs.
  • Do not use your smartphone in public places.
  • Use ATMs inside banks, and keep your cash hidden.
  • Keep your wallet and valuables on your person, not in backpacks or handbags.
  • Do not store anything in your outer jacket pockets or back trouser pockets.
  • Keep your bag in front of you at all times.
  • Do not give money to street beggars.
  • Do not play any street gambling games.

Or you could simply a full team or a personal bodyguard to protect you, your family and your valuables.

Bodyguard Services in France

Westminster Security has vast experience operating across Europe and worldwide for high-net-worth, high-profile, at-risk individuals, families and organisations. We are used to providing close protection services in France, Paris, in particular, where our country office is based. We provide premier protection services to all our clients. 

Our close protection services in France include:

Security Advance Party

Ahead of your arrival, our team will book hotels, cars and restaurants. We arrange VIP arrival services at the airport providing cars for transfers. The security team will liaise with all the service providers to make sure your visit is smooth, safe, and efficient.

Security Chauffeurs 

We provide luxury chauffeured vehicles of your choice driven by local security-trained chauffeurs. Our drivers know routes, hotels, and restaurants inside out. They are security-aware and able to react to any threats and risks posed to you while travelling. Armoured vehicles are also available.


You may only need a single bodyguard in Paris – male or female. Alternatively, you could also choose a full close protection team. Our experience and quality of service make us stand head and shoulders above other security providers.

Surveillance teams

Should we deem the threat and risks to be high enough, we can use a surveillance team. Our specially trained operators track individual principals in and around their immediate environment. They see the bigger picture. They can be crucial in providing vital seconds to react in an emergency.

Residential Security

Whether a hotel room, townhouse, or chateau on a temporary or permanent basis. We provide professional residential security guards in Paris to protect you and your property 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We provide residential security in France and Monaco for many ultra-high-net-worth and high-risk individuals and families. Even onboard their yachts with our superyacht security services.

Other Services

We can also provide tour guides, childminders, chefs, and interpreters. We can supply almost anything you may need during your travels. As experienced operators in Paris (and in France more generally) we have developed an enviable ‘black book’. We have a substantial list of contacts who we can call upon at any time to fulfil all of your requirements.

Close Protection Bodyguards in France

Westminster Security supplies security and bodyguard services in Paris and throughout France through our French sister company under strict regulations. Our highly sought-after company CNAPS licence allows us to provide close protection (bodyguards), security chauffeurs, residential security, and VIP event security. We only employ highly-trained, former military, and police close protection specialists. These have vast experience in providing an exemplary discreet service. 

All our bodyguards in France are CNAPS registered and multilingual. We can provide both male and female bodyguards in Paris and elsewhere in France for your personal protection.

French Company SIRET: 839 681 798 00014

CNAPS Licence Number: AUT-075-2118-04-30-20190694985

Conseil National des Activités Privées de Sécurité

Westminster Security, 66 Av. des Champs-Élysées, 75008 Paris, France

Close Protection Services

Westminster Security provides professional close protection security services in London, the UK, and worldwide.

Frequently asked questions

I am travelling to Paris on business. I need a local chaperone who can drive me about, assist me, and also provide personal security. Can you provide an English and French-speaking bodyguard?

Yes, certainly. All our bodyguards in Paris provide this service as standard. We would happily assist. You will, however, need a separate bodyguard and driver.

My family and I are travelling to Paris for our vacation from the US this summer. We are very disturbed by the recent terrorist attacks. I am looking for a private security company in France to take care of us throughout our stay.

Do not worry. We can make sure your holiday is smooth and safe. Our bodyguards in Paris can accompany you discreetly. They provide complete personal protection at all times.

Do you have any Arabic speaking bodyguards in Paris to accompany my wife for a week of shopping and dining?

Yes, we do! We have local Arabic speaking male and female bodyguards in Paris. Our CNAPS licenced operatives can protect and assist your wife during her visit. We assure you she is in safe hands. Please contact us to hire a bodyguard in Paris.