Close Protection Manchester

Close Protection Manchester

Professional Bodyguard Services in Manchester

With the ever-increasing population and crime rate, coupled with a lack of confidence in the police and government cutbacks, more and more people are turning to private security companies to ensure their personal safety and security. Many are hiring close protection to protect them daily, during special events, or in times of uncertainty. At Westminster Security, we’re proud to be the leading providers of close protection services in Manchester, throughout Cheshire, the North West, and the UK. If you’re looking to hire bodyguards in Greater Manchester, Cheshire, or beyond, we are fully equipped and prepared to meet your security needs and expectations.

What is Close Protection?

Close protection is another expression for a bodyguard – a person who is there to effectively, protect you and your possessions with their observation skills, dynamic threat, and risk assessments and in the worst-case scenario, by using their conflict management and physical defensive abilities to deter a physical attack.

Bodyguards in Manchester are tasked with protecting their principal, their family, possessions, and property from a wide and diverse range of threats and risks, including those posed by petty street criminals and opportunists thieves, to terrorist threats, and even over-enthusiastic fans.

Of course, prevention is always better than cure, so it’s not simply about defending principals against attacks if and when they might happen. Rather, it’s about developing ways to reduce exposure to risk in any given environment or situation, in order to protect the principal, their reputation, health, and personal safety.

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Who Hires Close Protection in Manchester?

People from all different backgrounds and situations decide to hire bodyguards in Manchester for a whole host of different reasons. But they all have one thing in common – they fear for their personal security and safety, thus: they hire a professional to advise and protect them during the period of uncertainty in their lives. Some people require a full-time bodyguard due to their career risks or wealth; from company CEO’s to footballers. All sorts of different people require close protection services at one time or another, this service is not just limited to the rich and famous!

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Our Close Protection Services in Manchester

We provide a wide range of close protection services in Manchester and throughout the UK. Our close protection services include individual personal male and female bodyguards, full close protection teams including security chauffeurs, armoured vehicles, surveillance, and residential security teams. It’s not simply a case of one size fits all, every threat and principal requires different measures and systems to mitigate the threats and risks posed towards them. We look at your whole environment, advise and adapt accordingly.

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Our Team

Our bodyguards in Manchester are fully equipped with the specialist knowledge and industry experience to deliver you the very best personal security service possible.

Whether escorting a celebrity at a red carpet event or escorting children to school, our bodyguards fit in with your lifestyle unobtrusively. Providing a discreet, highly efficient, and effective close protection service.

With exemplary backgrounds in the British armed forces and police services – many from specialist close protection units. Our professional bodyguards in Manchester are widely considered to be the very best in the North West and indeed the UK.

Your security and peace of mind are of optimum importance to us. That’s why all of our close protection officers are screened and vetted to the highest levels – in compliance with BS7858 standards. They are also licensed and registered with the Security Industry Authority. For your further peace of mind, a Non-disclosure agreement is signed at the very start of any task – ensuring your utmost discretion, privacy, and confidentiality.

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Close Protection That Fits Around You

We go above and beyond to deliver a professional and fully comprehensive close protection service that truly works around our clients and their lifestyles – providing a bespoke personal protection service that has been carefully tailored to meet the unique needs of each principal.

With their vast experience of Manchester, our close protection bodyguards will also be on hand to assist you with additional aspects of your life, such as social life management – table reservations, planning shopping trips, and other daily activities, always with your personal security in mind.

If you require any further information regarding our close protection services in Manchester, or to discuss your security requirements further, please contact us at your convenience. We look forward to hearing from you and assisting you further.

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Close Protection Services

Westminster Security provides professional bodyguards across Greater Manchester.