Close Protection Manchester

Close Protection Manchester

Professional Bodyguard Services in Manchester

With the ever-increasing population and crime rate, coupled with a lack of confidence in the police and government cutbacks, more and more people are turning to private security companies to ensure their personal safety and security. Many are hiring close protection to protect them daily, during special events, or in times of uncertainty. At Westminster Security, we’re proud to be the leading providers of close protection services in Manchester, throughout Cheshire, the North West, and the UK. If you’re looking to hire bodyguards in Greater Manchester, Cheshire, or beyond, we are fully equipped and prepared to meet your security needs and expectations.

Security in Manchester

The city of Manchester is unofficially known as the UK’s “second city”, and rightly so, pipped to the post for many great accolades only by London. Manchester is the fastest growing city in Britain, that’s one thing we can be proud of. However, Manchester also tops the chart for burglary and car-related crime in Britain. It has also been reported recently by Greater Manchester Police, that crime in Manchester is on the increase – the first time in 20 years, possibly due to government budget cuts and/or a combination of swift growth.

Manchester suffered a crippling blow in 1996 when the city was bombed by the IRA, it was the largest detonation on British soil and one of the most expensive manmade disasters, buildings were damaged half a mile away and over 200 people were injured, luckily there were no fatalities. Hundreds of millions of pounds were ploughed into redevelopment, spurred on with the hopes of hosting the 2000 Olympics and commonwealth games.

However, as much as the city has improved tenfold, most of the investment has been in the city centre, leaving the surrounding areas deteriorating after decades of neglect. We have already seen signs of frustration in the riots of 2011, though not quite as bad as the London riots but enough to make you sit up and think! A lack of opportunity, investment, and direction for today’s youth could be all the ingredients needed to create a generation of jobless, career criminals, ruining the excellent reputation that Manchester has built.

As much as we would all love to live in a crime-free area, there will always be elements of criminal activity. There will always be a threat to security, no matter where you are and who you are. The key is controlling that threat and being prepared for any criminal attack on you or your property. The danger will always be individual to a person. Joe Bloggs, who works the 9 – 5 for minimum wage, does not need an entire close protection team to escort him to and from work. His security requirements may be just a burglar alarm and double glazing.

Celebrity Bodyguards

A celebrity doing an arena tour and is on at the Manchester Arena, Apollo or Etihad Stadium will need vast amounts of security. They are constantly in the public eye. Some people adore them, and others may hate them for their actions or beliefs. Both types of people pose risks to security. The crazed fan obsessed with the celebrity might try and steal something that belongs to the star. The other might want to hurt or injure the celebrity.

Therefore, when any VIPs, famous singers, actors, or entertainers visit any of the Manchester arenas or stadia, they employ close protection teams to safeguard their personal security. The teams work alongside the arena security staff to control the threat posed to the celebrity and potentially to their family.

What is Close Protection?

Close Protection is the protection of a person (or principal), a bodyguard (or close protection officer) is a type of security operative or government agent (Police/Army) who protects a person or persons – usually a public, wealthy, or politically important figure(s) – from danger: generally theft, assault, kidnapping, murder, harassment, loss of confidential information, threats, or other criminal offences.

close protection bodyguards in Manchester

Close Protection Team with Security Chauffeur

A famous person (principal) visiting Manchester may have a whole close protection team. The team will include specialist security chauffeurs trained in close protection, advanced driving, defensive driving, anti-ambush, escape and evasion techniques, and high-speed manoeuvres. The drivers will generally be former police or military specialist drivers with significant experience in close protection and high-risk CP driving.

Security Chauffeur in Manchester

Residential Security Team

The principal) may be staying at a local hotel in Manchester; therefore, they will have a residential security team (RST). The RST will deal with the security of the principal’s accommodation 24hrs a day. They will also be close protection trained, and licensed. Generally, they will have less operational experience as a close protection team member (bodyguard).

The Midland Hotel in Manchester

Security for Footballers in Manchester

In the past, many footballers from Manchester clubs have fallen victim to attacks and robbery at their residence, some whilst they were away, others not so lucky. Family members have been threatened or physically attacked in their own homes. Thieves have stolen valuable property and vehicles. Victims have been left emotionally and sometimes physically scarred.

Football clubs like Manchester United and Manchester City have now recognised the threat posed to their sports stars. Managers have taken significant steps to prevent any such attacks from happening again. Stars control risk and reduce threat by:

  • employing close protection officers as residential security teams to guard their houses;
  • using the latest CCTV and intruder alarm detection technologies;
  • employing security chauffeurs.

Is there a need for Close Protection in Manchester?

Yes, for the average person probably not, but certainly for the fortunate (or unfortunate?) few.

Close Protection in Manchester

We are the chosen personal security provider to many international brands, celebrities, and sports personalities visiting and residing in Greater Manchester. Our close protection services in Manchester are second to none. We utilise former military and police protection specialists with vast experience in corporate and private security in Manchester and throughout the UK. We can provide a full spectrum of protection for you, your family, and your business.

We provide close protection officers for:

  • Close Protection – VIP / Executive / Celebrity
  • Door Supervision
  • Residential Security
  • Security Chauffeurs
  • VIP Event Security

We are happy to offer our close protection service throughout the North West in Manchester, Greater Manchester, Merseyside – Liverpool and Wirral, Cheshire – Chester, Knutsford, Wilmslow, Hale, Alderley Edge around the UK, Europe, and worldwide.

Contact us to see how we can vastly improve your safety and security; we look forward to hearing from you!

Close Protection Services

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