How to be your Own Bodyguard

How to be your Own Bodyguard

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Not everyone can afford bodyguards. So, sadly, in today’s current climate people need to know more about how to protect themselves in case of an attack. Close protection, personal protection and self-defence can take many forms. Naturally, we all think of the physical aspect of defending ourselves. However, our personal security tips should help reduce the chances of you becoming a victim of an attack in the first place, by making yourself less of a target and less vulnerable.

There are numerous threats and risks that we all encounter on a daily basis, some we can control to a certain extent – like crossing the road, others we can’t. The key is preparation; both physically and mentally. We can’t plan or preempt for every eventuality, but we can best prepare ourselves for the worst and try our very best to protect ourselves.

In this article, we share 5 of the best simple self-defence tips so more people can defend themselves against an attack.

Stay off your phone –  no earphones!

Stay alert and keep off your phone, not only does having your eyes in your phone take away your local situation awareness and alertness but you’re also advertising your phone to passing opportunist thieves and moped gangs. Put your phone away and remove your earphones – stay alert, stay alive!

Open your eyes– Keep your head held high, walk with confidence and a purpose. Look way ahead, scan the area, be suspicious of everyone and everything. Don’t be afraid to look behind you now and again too. If you suspect you’re being followed, walk-in an erratic pattern; speed up, slow down, turn around and walk directly at them, cross the road and loop back again or enter a shop to confirm or clear your suspicions.

Open your ears – is someone following you? Someone walking too close? Planning with their accomplice on how to ambush and attack you? Not only that, you can hear approaching traffic, bikes, and sirens, etc.

And close your mouth – Don’t divulge to everyone in earshot that you’re home alone for the next few days, or where you work, what your name is, etc. To and from work; remove your name badge and any distinctive uniform that indicates where you work. Don’t place yourself in any unnecessary danger by giving away personal information that undesirables may use to their advantage against you!

Avoid showing off valuables.

Don’t make yourself a target by showing off valuable items. Mobile phones, tablets, laptops. Expensive headphones, purses, watches and jewellery are all items that should be kept hidden from sight when you’re alone in public. Thieves will literally see you as rich pickings and may even follow you home for further valuables.

Buy a premium personal attack ‘rape’ alarm.

We stress premium as you want a quality alarm that is going to work and work effectively after hanging off your house keys for the last few years. Test it regularly and have spare batteries purchased before you actually need them. The noise is deafening and alerts people within several hundred meters that you’re in danger and need help, you can always scream and shout “Help!” to confirm to passersby that it’s not just kids messing about in the park.

Fight or flight: If you can – RUN, if you can’t run then FIGHT. The throat, eyes, ears, and groin are particularly sensitive areas to strike. Aim for them and use your teeth and nails if you need to, bite and bite hard. This is potentially a life and death situation, fight for your life by all and any means! If you have your keys or any other sharp item to hand; use them to gain the upper hand over your attacker until you’re able to escape the area and raise the alarm for police assistance. If the attacker is pursuing you, head for a busy public area if possible; a pub, shop, or 24hr petrol station if there are no emergency service stations nearby.

Always tell someone where you’re going.

If you are going out for a run or meeting friends, let someone know where you’re going and how long you expect to be – don’t forget your personal attack alarm, and stay alert to your surroundings. Try not to venture into quiet unlit parks or narrow alleyways. Remain vigilant of the next potential threat against you at all times. If you think you are being followed, do something about it, don’t become a victim. Confirm or clear your suspicion as above or head to any emergency services buildings, they’re usually manned 24/7. Practice your personal safety so it becomes a natural daily routine, rather than an inconvenient worrying chore. Know your routes, alternative routes, safe heavens, and have a plan – just in case!

Learn martial arts.

This is a best-case scenario. We don’t all have the desire to be Bruce Lee, but a couple of classes with friends or colleagues could boost your confidence massively and teach you those vital key skills that will help if the worst comes to the worse. Knowing how to physically defend yourself is a priceless and lifesaving skill. But, for those that have limited resources just make sure that you DO fight back in case of an attack. Remember, it’s potentially a life and death situation – FIGHT FOR YOUR LIFE!

Don’t leave your safety to chance and don’t become a victim. It’s important to always assess the possible dangers and keep yourself out of harm’s way. Practice your safety so it becomes part of your natural daily life, and teach those around you. Life is precious, protect it.

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