How Much Does a Bodyguard Cost to Hire?

How Much Does a Bodyguard Cost to Hire?

The first question clients ask when they contact us is: “how much does it cost to hire a bodyguard?”. Whilst cost is an important factor, there are so many other more important questions that need to be asked by both parties before establishing a cost and price. Security should never be undervalued, like insurance, it can be an unwanted but essential expense. Cheap security should never even be a consideration. 

There are many variables known, and unknown that contribute to pricing bodyguard services. No two assignments are the same. Simply saying “How much is a bodyguard?” is akin to saying, “How much is a car?”. What type of car? saloon, MPV, SUV, marque, colour, engine size, petrol, diesel, electric, or hybrid, 2-wheel, or 4-wheel drive? There are many different options, combinations, and of course, prices.

Westminster Security provides a bespoke bodyguard service to each of our clients; listening to their concerns, lifestyle, profile, activities engaged in during the hire period, etc. before advising and assigning the perfect bodyguard for them, their lifestyle, and current situation. 

Known variables such as the threat associated with the principal, history of incidents or attacks, the profile of the principal, their career, wealth, political or religious beliefs, dictate the level of security required. 

Other factors such as the time of year, hours per day, length of the assignment, country of operation, or city the service is being provided in, also affects the price. 

If a security company quotes you prices without establishing all of the above facts, do you think they will be thorough with your personal security? Probably not, close protection is a service where a simple blanket fee cannot be applied.

Other Factors Affecting the Cost of a Bodyguard

Like the car example above, bodyguards come in all shapes and sizes: 

  • Male or Female;
  • Ex-military, ex-police or civilian;
  • Age, height, build, ethnicity;
  • Additional skills such as languages, advanced driver, or medic, etc. 

The background and experience of a bodyguard can be broken down further, with ex-military bodyguards there is ex-Army, Navy, and RAF. Most ex-military bodyguards would not have served in a unit that specifically trains in and provides close protection services, the only two that do are the Royal Military Police (close protection unit) and the Special Air Service (SAS). 

With ex-police bodyguards, most too will not have served as personal protection officers (PPOs) in “Prot”, that accolade goes to officers that served with RaSP (Royalty and Specialist Protection). Very few police officers reach this level.

That said, the skills and experiences gained in the police and military are highly transferable into the private security industry and sets them in good stead for a successful second career in private security. 

Those that served in specialist protection units that went on to become bodyguards in the private sector are much rarer and naturally highly sought after due to their superior training, skills, and experience, therefore they command higher wages and will cost you more. 

So, What Price is a Bodyguard? 

The typical cost to hire a bodyguard in London and throughout the UK is between £500 – £1000 per day, which roughly works out at between £40 – £80 per hour based on a 12-hour day, plus expenses and VAT where applicable. 

Caveat Emptor (“Let the Buyer Beware”)

It is industry standard to charge a day rate rather than an hourly rate. Some smaller companies may offer ‘half-day’ rates and some lesser companies by the hour. Others may be much cheaper; these companies should be avoided like the plague if you value your security and life!

Please do not hire a bodyguard directly off Gumtree or social media, they may be unlicensed, untrained, and not insured. Hiring a bodyguard through a professional security company gives you peace of mind, and they have accountability. An established company will be able to prove licensing, security vetting, and insurance. Make sure you do your due diligence before hiring a bodyguard and entrusting them with your health, wealth, and family.

Close Protection Services

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