Residential Security in London

Residential Security in London

Residential Security in London is more important now than ever before. With major police cutbacks and the general rise in crime and terrorism, thieves are taking advantage of this ‘perfect storm’. With less chance of them being caught, and less chance of them going to prison – with the prisons being full to capacity! The risk vs reward has made burglary once again a more attractive option for organised criminal gangs, who are targeting the more affluent residential areas in London, and the Home Counties with the hope of an easy payday.

Einbrecher an einem FensterBurglary is the fastest growing crime nationwide, with criminals getting ever more sophisticated and violent in order to take your personal possessions for their own financial gain and greed. The festive season is the peak period where homes are targeted. A combination of the long dark nights and homes being fully stocked with Christmas gifts gives burglars the perfect opportunity to profit. Closely followed by Summer, with the long warm days – people leaving their windows open, spending the day in the garden, neglecting their usual home security vigilance. Or on holiday, leaving curtains closed / lights on with a build-up of the post and a notable absence of activity at the property.

Capital of Expensive Property and burglary!

Residential Security Patrol londonLondon is home to the most expensive properties in the UK, and the most expensive residential street. These affluent areas are like magnets to criminals who will travel great distances, even from across Europe on cheap flights, to target homes and vehicles. Vehicles are often stolen to order and then exported or stripped for parts.

Recently published figures show Belgravia and Knightsbridge in Westminster as home to 8 of the top 10 most expensive streets, the other 2 being close by in Kensington & Chelsea:

Kensington Palace Gardens in west London topped the list, with the average property on the exclusive street costing a whopping £35,696,000!

Grosvenor Crescent is the second most expensive residential street in England and Wales says the latest research from Lloyds Bank. To acquire a typical Grade II listed house on Grosvenor Crescent will cost an average of £21,984,000.

Eight of the ten most expensive streets in the UK are in the prime residential areas of Belgravia and Knightsbridge in the City of Westminster. With the top 10 all being in London!

The vast majority of £1m-plus streets – 94.2 per cent, are located in southern England, according to Zoopla. Of the 14,417 total £1m streets in Britain, 5,899 are in Greater London.

There were 69,501 burglaries in London last year, 43,409 of those at residential addresses.

It’s no surprise then with these facts and figures in mind, that Westminster Security has seen a sharp increase in enquiries and customers for our mobile security patrols and residential security services in London.

Residential Security Services

CCTV and an alarm just aren’t enough these days. Nothing beats a physical security presence. We provide ex-Military and Police residential security guards to protect properties in London and throughout the UK 24hrs a day, 365 days a year. This could be through our static manned guarding service, were a residential security team are permanently stationed at your house; opening the door, screening mail and visitors, answering the phone, monitoring CCTV and conducting hi-visibility patrols.

Or through our mobile security patrol service, where a dedicated team visits your property and grounds at random times throughout the day and night, to conduct security patrols and checks. This service also includes alarm response and keyholding if required. Our mobile security patrol unit occasionally utilises guard dogs to assist in search of and deterring opportunist and organised criminals.

Westminster Security pride ourselves in providing a premier residential security service to our customers. We have built an exemplary reputation for providing unparalleled service, both in quality and efficiency. We can provide residential security in London, the Home Counties and throughout the UK on a full-time, or part-time basis. Ideal if you’re going away on business or holiday; giving you that added peace of mind.

Westminster Security offers a free initial no-obligation residential security review of your property. To find out more about our residential security services, please contact us by completing our enquiry form, or call us on 0207 123 4544 and one of our security advisors will gladly assist you.