Bodyguards in London

Bodyguards in London

What attributes make the best Bodyguards in London? Most people associate the word ‘bodyguard’ with the giant man mountain, often seen babysitting celebrities in the States. Or Kevin Costner style gun-toting Hollywood heartthrobs. The reality is, both of these bodyguards suit a role; just not in London!

This article was written by a former British Special Forces soldier who works for Westminster Security and wishes to remain anonymous. He has vast experience providing close protection services around the world through his time in the military and private security industry. With 22 years experience in the military and over 10 years experience in the private sector, predominantly operating as a bodyguard in London and security consultant.

At Westminster Security, when a new client calls us to enquire about our close protection services in London, they often ask; “how big is he? How tall is he? Is he a good fighter?” I have to kindly explain to them that none of these factors come into consideration when it comes to assigning an operative to protect them. What does matter is manners, intelligence, observation skills, forward planning, people skills, etiquette, local knowledge and trust? Not fast cars, muscles and guns!

Bodyguards in London are now more commonly referred to as ‘Close Protection Operatives/Officers’ or CPOs. The title projects an image of professionalism, whereas ‘Bodyguard’ sounds a lot more ‘old school’ intimidating and some might say thuggish.

Types of Bodyguard

The giant ‘Man Mountain’ – As mentioned previously, this type of bodyguard is often seen gracing the glossy tabloid magazine pages, pictured manhandling fans or carrying designer shopping bags for their tiny celebrity principals – who are dwarfed in their shadows. Their waistlines are bigger than their egos, and they’re as effective as solar-powered torches when it comes to anything other than parting crowds with their mass. However, record labels and celebrities love them as they feel safe hiding behind them, and they grab those all-important headlines!

Muscle bound meatheads – The type of bodyguard who has waited 10 years to get his SIA licence due to the manslaughter charge on his record. An old school doorman with more scars and tattoos than teeth, a man who could kill you with his breath alone. Fortunately, this type of bodyguard normally plies their trade on the doors of the local pub, wooing punters with their CP ‘badge’ of honour, and tales of heroics. Seldom do you see them on the catwalks of Knightsbridge and Chelsea, they certainly look lost at sea during afternoon tea at The Ritz!

The car salesman – Fresh from his 12-day learner-loan funded ‘close protection course’, armed with his quick tongue and spiky hair, ill-fitting supermarket suit, shiny faux leather shoes, pink shirt, brash tie and sunglasses. He knows everything and is better than every other bodyguard, and he’s keen, ready and eager to show you – by beating you in an arm wrestle over lunch. Like a rabbit in the headlights on sight of their first street beggar, but tells his Facebook friends he fought off an armed moped gang single-handed. Luckily these newbies get found out pretty quickly and end up doing nights on a building site for the rest of their glittering security careers for national minimum wage.

The grey man – He is your perfect bodyguard in London, he is neither a man mountain, meathead nor car salesman. He is professional, he blends in, keeps his mouth closed and ears open. He speaks when spoken to and is polite to everyone. He fits in at a Michelin star restaurant, just as well as a busy nightclub. He has great local knowledge and connections; he is mature with a good sense of humour. He is thinking 10 steps ahead and can take control of any situation with calm authority. He is effective and is respected for his results, not his stories. He is versatile, adaptable and proactive. He has a military or police background in close protection, he is who you want by your side when you hire a bodyguard in London.

Close Protection Services London

At Westminster Security, we provide highly sought after, professional and discreet close protection operatives just like ‘The grey man’. All of our CPOs have backgrounds in the British Military and Police specialist protection units. We believe that their training and experience is priceless when it comes to protecting you and your interests, our exceptionally high standards helps us stand out amongst all other security companies in London, for all the right reasons.

We only employ the most experienced and qualified UK Government trained close protection operatives with proven exemplary backgrounds. They’re all rigorously financially and security vetted in compliance with BS7858 standards for your peace of mind. They are all trained in advanced driving, first aid, conflict resolution and self-defence.

We provide a complete, premier protection and risk management service. Including but not limited to; security chauffeurs, residential security and concierge services. Our clients include royalty, heads of state, Ambassadors, celebrities, company CEOs, high-net-worth families and individuals. We are well practised in providing a high-end service for the fast-paced demanding lifestyles of our clients. We operate with complete discretion, confidentiality and efficiency.

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Close Protection FAQ’s

Do you have female bodyguards in London?

Yes, we can provide a wide range of female bodyguards in London and throughout the UK to suit all your needs. We have female bodyguards who are also trained in childcare, and others who are multilingual. Please contact us with your individual requirements and we will do our utmost to assist you.

Can my bodyguard also double as my driver?

Yes, they can. However, as outlined on our security chauffeur services page, we advise that it’s best practice to have a dedicated driver and separate bodyguard. 

I need to hire bodyguards in London, what is the procedure?

Once we receive your call or email we will discuss your individual requirements and conduct an initial threat and risk assessment; to figure out the best systems and manpower to put in place to mitigate the threats and risks posed to you. We will then assign a bodyguard or close protection team that is best suited to you and your needs, for your utmost personal protection. Contact us today for further information.